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Ep132 Eat Carbs & Relax! Ab Fat, Stress & More with Health & Perimenopause Coach Anna Araujo

Ever wondered why you just can’t lose your chubby belly? Having bad sleep lately? Extra moody? You need to hear what surprising things our guest and friend, Anna Araujo, a health and perimenopause coach, has to say. With her master's in nutrition and specialized sports and menopause research background, she has a sane plan - the FEMME Method - that even we can get on board with! We are seriously so excited to get started now that we know! Guys, please forward this episode to your loved ones. We really want to spread the knowledge. xo

NAMS Physicians:

Outline 00:00 - Intro & our news 02:20 - Anna’s background & training 06:50 - Symptoms of perimenopause, definition 16:30 - Why won’t my workout fix it? 19:45 - What if I hate exercise? 24:10 - Workbook & analysis 27:10 - Steps to combat symptoms 28:40 - Meditation: is it that important? 34:05 - Abdominal fat, cortisol, stress, exercise 37:24 - What should we eat? Nutrition, diets, saliva test, fat-burning pills 39:55 - Topical progesterone, birth control, hormones, mood medication 50:00 - What is Anna's program? What is FEMME? 51:20 - Cabbage soup diet, intermittent fasting 53:30 - Time, scheduling, managing family 55:10 - Groups, supplements, prescriptions, medical advice 56:50 - Carbs, Keto diet, serotonin, gut bacteria 1:01:20 - Where can we work with Anna? 1:02:10 - Body composition testing, BMI, fat test 1:05:00 - Conclusions, links 1:07:00 - Patron shoutout 1:07:50 - "Beautiful Girl" song by Julianne! 1:08:40 - Fool Me Twice: All About Diamonds podcast promo Thank you to our amazing patrons - our family!!! Join the fun, get free swag and bonus content, including episode 131, not released anywhere else!


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