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Your Health Goals for 2024 – What Every Woman over 40 Should Consider.

*Revised from 2023 post

A new year.

I recommend to my clients something I always do myself at the end of every year: I look back at the year that has passed and review my list of goals for that year. After that, I start a new list of goals for the upcoming year.

I look back at what I have accomplished (Yay!) and what I've missed or didn't achieve for whatever reason (oh, well). No judgment. I'm realistic about life's ups and downs and don't expect perfection. I recommend you do the same. Maybe reflect on what you want to keep pursuing that goal for next year and what will be different this time.

It's all good.

The reflection is just part of an awareness of what is essential for you and your life.

For me, for most of my clients, and probably for you who's reading this, HEALTH is an important asset worth taking care of.

My goals usually include a few aspects related to health.

If you're over 40, either nearing or past menopause, chances are you have felt some of the symptoms related to the changes in hormones and/or simply the changes that come with aging.

That's why I constantly say that this moment is a great opportunity to care for yourself and your health.


Chances are, you will live until your 80s (since the average woman's lifespan in the US is 80.2 years old) and probably more if you take care of yourself. If you take care of your health by exercising and nourishing your body? You can add anywhere from 5 to 20 years!!!

But it's not all about living longer – it's about living longer with quality of life. It's about being able to be active, to go to places, to do things, to enjoy life.

So, when you think about the next year – and all the future years to come – think about ways you can implement positive routines and lifestyle habits that can contribute to a healthy, joyful life.

From my experience, I recommend focusing on these main pillars of health: Sleep, Stress Management, Nutrition, Movement, and Emotional Well-being.

What women over 40 should prioritize regarding their health.

Take care of your sleep.

I can't say enough about how sleep is crucial for our health and well-being. It's when our brain repairs and cleans itself from the "junk" accumulated during the day. It's when our muscles recover and build. It's when our parasympathetic nervous system gets a break from the "fight or flight" mode that daily stress brings. It's when our hormones are regulated.

But don't panic yet – there are ways to improve sleep, even if you need to see a doctor. The key message is: don't just accept that you can't sleep most nights.

I'm attaching a PDF file below with some tips about sleep hygiene and ways that can help.

Do your research and try it on your own first, and if that doesn't help – find a specialist.

Plan your nutrition

Of course, I prioritize my nutrition, and I certainly recommend you do the same.

A balanced, nourishing diet is the key to optimal health; we all know that. Unfortunately, there's so much confusion in this field, and most women find themselves lost.

All I can say is that, after more than 25 years of being a nutritionist, is that I recommend women three things when it comes to nutrition information:

  1. Look at the source – is someone or a company benefiting from whatever information they're putting out? Are they selling supplements or products? Are they from a reputable background or organization?

  2. Be skeptical – if the claims are a bit sensationalist or if they "villainize" a food, it's probably to cause some emotional reaction – a marketing strategy.

  3. Learn about nutrition – Be curious, find reputable sources and people to follow for information, and research your own. Knowledge is power.

With that in mind, you can plan to improve your nutrition for the year.

Each one of us has different aspects that we can improve. Mine is to get enough vegetables and protein into my diet. Yours can be that and/or something else.

And forget about including goals such as "I'm going to go on a ______ diet." Please don't. If you follow my work, you know I don't recommend any diets. But If you need help with your nutrition, you can contact me or another professional. Just make sure they have a solid foundation on nutrition and that you agree with their approach.

Plan your exercise routine

Movement is an essential component of health. If you're moving less than 150 minutes weekly, you must prioritize some more time. And yes, there are specific exercises that benefit more than other types. But if you're a beginner or not as active – start with the basics first. If you are a pro, you can refine your exercise routine to include plyometrics, Sprint training, power training, heavy weight lifting, etc.

It depends on where you are yet.

And yes, I'll also recommend seeing a coach or a trainer to help you, especially if you are starting weight training. You need to learn the proper form and posture so you don't injure yourself.

Emotional and Stress Management

Stress is a silent killer. And on top of that, during perimenopause, our emotional regulation and resilience are compromised – we are more prone to depression and anxiety.

So please – don't try to be "tough." Don't gaslight yourself.

Self-care is an overused term that makes some of us roll our eyes, but I have to say it is essential to our mental health.

The thing is that people are connecting self-care with things like getting a pedicure – when, in reality, each one of us has our way of giving ourselves some much-needed time or attention.

For me, it is realizing when my heart is racing, when I'm caught up in anxious thoughts, and taking 15 minutes to relax. Deep breathing, sometimes tea. Sometimes, a walk around my backyard. That's self-care.

If things are particularly tough, here I go again: find help. It could be a therapist or a friend. But don't take it all alone.

Putting it all together

Here's a sample of 2024 (Any year will be okay; this was done last year) Goals Form I send to my clients. And I'm sending you one too! 😊

I hope you like this. Let me know.

And… Have a wonderful 2024. May it be a healthy & joyful year for you and your family!



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2023 Goals
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Sleep Checklist (1)
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