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Get the Knowledge and Skills You Need for Navigating  Perimenopause

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Perimenopause Workbook 101
$27 $9

A workbook to help you learn about perimenopause and get all the tools you need to navigate through this transition with confidence and ease.

In this workbook, you will:

  • Identify your symptoms to confirm if you're in perimenopause

  • Learn what's happening with your hormones

  • Master the nutrition and supplements you need at this time

  • Learn which exercises are best for you

  • Get mindset skills to improve your mental game

  • Get resources and tools you need to navigate this phase (period tracker, movement planner, websites, etc) 

New Perimenopause Health WorkbookpERIMENOPAUSE hEALTH by Anna Araujo.png

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