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I help women get Lean, Strong, Nourished and Confident during perimenopause and beyond.

I was struggling with perimenopause symptoms, weight gain, lack of sleep, mood swings and more. I had tried an online diet and fitness program before, but it just made me feel worse and I felt unheard. That's when I found Anna and I decided to invest on myself. It was the best decision ever. Her 1-1 coaching program is so complete, so personalized and she definitely made me get out of my confort zone to become stronger not only physically but mentally. I lost 15 lbs, built muscles, I now sleep better and have more energy.

I highly recommend her services if you want to see real changes in your body & mind.

Jennifer Summers, 47 yrs old, mom of 2 teenagers.

My Exclusive Fearless FEMME Coaching Program


This program is for you if...

  • You are struggling with perimenopause and menopause symptoms. (weight gain, hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood swings, brain fog, lack of energy, low libido, loss of muscle mass, low mood, and others)

  • You are tired of generic diets and fitness plans and ready to have a balanced diet and exercise routine for life.

  • You have decided to make yourself (and your health) a priority.

  • You are seriously committed and ready for a transformation that will change the way you experience menopause and beyond.

This program is NOT for you if...

  • You are not struggling with perimenopause or menopause symptoms.

  • You want a shortcut, a quick fix, a restrictive diet plan, or you're focused only on losing weight, without prioritizing your health.

  • You are not ready to take time or invest in yourself and your health.

marcella S..JPG

Marcella, S.

Anna makes sure you understand each step of the process. She's always available for support and to answer questions. Her program is a long-term solution based on healthy habits that are put into place little by little. I appreciate all the time she took to make sure I was on track.

My goals were to lose some body fat, eat adequately for my lifestyle and gain more muscle mass. I accomplished all my goals and more. We had weekly meeting, she gave me resources, homework, videos and real practical strategies that were applied to my own reality. I felt like I had all the support I needed but I still had to do the work - and it payed off!


Ana E.

If you have perimenopausal symptoms and need 100% help in navigating through these tough times, hiring Anna will be the best thing you'll do. 

I was in between jobs at the time and feeling really bad about myself. I saw her profile on Instagram and started following her and getting her emails. Even though I was jobless, I decided to invest on her 1-1 coaching. I was a bit scared because I had a bad experience with a holistic professional before, but I decided to try. And I'm so glad I did it! My life was transformed, really. we started out with changing a few things at a time, because I didn't want to get overwhelmed, and sure enough, at the end of the 3rd month I was another person, confident, fit, energetic and happy about myself!

Frances c..JPG

Frances, C.

Anna Araujo is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist and coach. Since the first day we started working, we came up with a plan, and we would do that every week, which worked great for my busy schedule. I was trying to lose some body fat and get rid of inflammation and bloating. She was constantly reaching out between our weekly meetings, to make sure I was on track, I loved that! Within weeks I my bloating and inflammation was gone, I lost body fat and felt great. There was no way I could have accomplished without her support. She is very realistic, sincere, and understanding. You will

not regret working with her, it's so worth it.

Exclusive Fearless FEMME 1-1 Coaching Program

This is it.
This program will give you results and changes beyond the physical level.
It will make you establish a solid foundation of healthy living - forever.
No more diets, no more temporary solutions.

You shouldn't have to struggle.
You will get lean. You will get strong. You will be nourished. And you will feel confident.

What you will get in this monthly or 3-month package:


  • Weekly or bi-weekly 60 minute Zoom calls with me to check your progress and mindset and plan for the upcoming week

  • Monthly calendar with a detailed exercise routine

  • Nutrition makeover: current diet and supplement analysis and optimization according to goals 

  • Weekly resources curated for you based on your needs (symptom management, etc.)

  • 12 weeks of unlimited support through an exclusive client portal

  • Daily journal (lifestyle, food, mood, sleep)


Healthy Food
Oceal M..JPG

Oceal M.

I had the pleasure of coming across Anna Araujo’s page while searching for a nutritionist in the San Diego area. I was thrilled I found her. I told Anna I was tired of fad diets, losing weight only to regain it back plus more. I wanted to learn more about nutrition and how to get on a path to eating good nutritious foods. Anna listened carefully and and thus our professional relationship began. During a period of six months, I have received weekly nutritious menus with a variety of recipes that were customized for my preferences and cooking skills. I have received monthly body composition reports to show my progress. During this time, I had unlimited access via text, phone or email. I can say that my money, time and energy were well spent. Both my body fat and weight decreased significantly, but more importantly, I learned that eating nutritiously and having a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a well-worthy journey.


Melanie C.

Anna has been a great support to relearn how to eat properly and how to choose the best food options. I also have multiple food intolerances and sensitivities and she has been able to manage the best substitutions for me. I also recommend if you can’t follow your meal plan because of life constraints or foods you dislike, contact her right away and let her know. She will answer your email quickly. She will give you alternative options. She will adjust your plan to fit with your work routine. She is a great support, but you still have to make the effort to succeed.


Joanna G.

I wanted to take time to say Anna is great. She helped me a ton with losing 30 pounds, but above all, learning how to eat. Her plan is very easy to stick to. I never felt deprived of foods I enjoyed.I did three months with her and it was the best decision I ever made for my health. She is understanding and will help you make a plan that works for you no matter your lifestyle or background. I definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for a nutritionist.


Arika D.

I really enjoyed working with Anna. She is knowledgeable, attentive, and patient. She taught me a lot about food that feeds my body and honestly, feeds my soul. I think the biggest takeaway from working with her is learning to not go by the scale. Prior I was weighing myself daily, sometimes twice per day. It consumed me at times. She had me hide the scale and only weigh every month or two. To this day I still do not weigh myself very often, maybe every two weeks, It has been so freeing. I very much recommend her services.

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