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Performing Your Best During Perimenopause and Beyond!


Some facts about physical fitness during and after Perimenopause

  • Women lose the most muscle mass within the 5 years around menopause   

  • Inflammation can be higher during the menopause transition due to changing hormone levels

  • Weight gain is twice as likely to happen to women over 40 regardless of her physical activity level

  • Women over 40 are more sensitive to a heavier or constant load of exercise training, needing more rest or recovery 

  • Most active women without a nutrition plan are not eating enough protein or nutrient-dense calories

  • "Hitting a wall" is much more likely to happen to female athletes who are in perimenopause or menopause

  • Nailing nutrition timing and quality as well as optimizing training routines are the key for enhanced performance during the menopause transition.

Need help?

I can be your Personal Sports Nutritionist -
One who understands what's happening at this stage of your life!

I've been a nutritionist for over 25 years.

Most of those years focused on Sports Nutrition, my favorite subfield.

I've always been either an athlete or very active, which in my view, sometimes are the same thing.

Eating the right things so I could do the activities I loved has always been critical to me personally.

That is why it was so hard to see myself in my early forties feeling exhausted, losing muscle mass, and hitting walls on my performance - something I have never experienced before. I pushed harder; I felt worse.

Intuitively, I knew something was going on.

Perimenopause was going on.

I embarked on a path of researching for evidence-based, reliable, and practical information and started applying it to my life.

A decade later, I am happy to help other active perimenopausal women achieve their fullest potential and still feel fabulous no matter what their hormones are doing!

Fearless FEMME Sports & Fitness Program

​What You'll Get in this Monthly or 3-month Package:

  • Initial Consultation to determine your needs in terms of nutrition, health, symptoms, and training, and all related information to start a plan of action

  • Optimized exercise and active recovery schedule

  • Weekly or bi-weekly 60-minute Zoom calls with me to check your progress and mindset and plan the week ahead

  • Weekly resources curated for you based on your needs (supplements, meal plans, recipes, learning material)

  • Unlimited support through a secure messaging system

  • Daily journal (exercise, food, mood, sleep, water and more)


Luca S.

I have been working with Anna for over 2 years now. I can’t live without her! She plans the meals according to my goals and lifestyle. They are clear, easy to follow, the recipes are delicious and there are plenty of options so I don’t get bored eating the same thing over and over. I do road bike and long distance run races and my performance and energy levels got much better after I started seeing her. I’m in my late 40’s and feeling great and healthy, couldn’t be happier!


Chayito V.

I was struggling with a lack of energy and was diagnosed with thyroid problems. My coach referred me to Anna who worked with me for over 1 year. With her help, I finished the Boston Marathon with my best time ever. I feel better now, after age fifty, than I felt in my twenties!


Anya C.

I worked with Anna for 6 months and I went from feeling tired and honestly miserable to feeling energetic and excited about working out and life in general. What a difference some changes in nutrition and exercise makes! I thought I was eating right, for I have been active all my life, but after menopause I just couldn't feel great anymore and I felt like I was slowly declining on my physical performance. I gained that back and more with Anna!

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