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Let me help you become 

NourishedStrong, and Confident 

during perimenopause

and beyond.


The transition to menopause doesn't need to become a battle.

You are here because you want more for yourself than just accepting things "as is." 

You are tired of fighting with your body, confused about all the changes, and mentally (perhaps also physically) exhausted.

We are all different and can experience perimenopause differently.

However, you know that you can't just sit and watch as your days go by and you're not feeling like yourself or how you deserve to feel.

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Face Your Unique Challenges

Eat Enough 

Move Your Body

Manage Stress

Empower your Mind

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Anti-inflammatory Cookbook

Simple and delicious recipes with known anti-inflammatory ingredients help you manage inflammation during perimenopause. Grab yours for free!


Chayito V.

I was struggling with a lack of energy and was diagnosed with thyroid problems. My coach referred me to Anna who worked with me for over 1 year. With her help, I finished the Boston Marathon with my best time ever. I feel better now, after age fifty, than I felt in my twenties!

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Vanessa M.

Anna is highly knowledgeable and extremely professional. She applies scientific knowledge regarding nutrition and uses it to uplift her clients. Her women's group is of tremendous value! There are check-ins and additional knowledge that are critical for people who are seeking to improve not only their knowledge of food but their relationship with food.

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Laura N. 

Anna is an excellent professional. I learned about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and how to incorporate everything into my daily life. I achieved my goals in only 3 months without feeling restricted.

Super recommended. 

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