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You can become that woman you want to be:
Healthy and Confident, living the best time of your life.

Many of us women after our forties find ourselves struggling in more than one way.

Our bodies are changing, we don't have the same mojo as before, and we have many external responsibilities that drain our energy.

In addition to that, most of us will experience symptoms of perimenopause along with more evident symptoms of aging.

As women approach menopause, many hormones responsible for muscle synthesis, mood balance, fat distribution, and other metabolic regulations are unstable and unpredictable.

These hormonal fluctuations are responsible for many of the symptoms that can range from being mild to utterly disruptive to our quality of life.

But if you're struggling, you're not alone. 

My own journey started almost a decade ago when I found myself experiencing , at the time, unfamiliar symptoms that were affecting my  life and how I was showing up to the people around me that I loved.

I had to do something about it.


I started diving deep into this topic, through research and training from the most up-to-date and evidence-based sources and professionals.

I encourage you to learn from the information I have carefully selected and provide here in this website. 

Because my mission is to educate and support women like you, so you can you can become Healthy and Confident, living the best time of your life.

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The Fearless FEMME Method

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Each person has a different set of challenges. They can be physiological (ex: having high cholesterol levels), they can be related to lifestyle (ex: being sedentary), or emotional (ex: feeling unhappy about your body), among many others.

It is important to identify your unique challenges and to assess how much they impact your health and overall well-being. These will be among your goals and will be the deeper "why" you are pursuing them. Without a proper vision and specific goals, you are wandering aimlessly.

You will get your priorities straighten and clear every step of the way.

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The number one mistake I see women over 40 make is restricting their food and calories. This can hurt their metabolism, muscle mass, and emotional well-being - who wants another diet?

I'm here to support women in getting out of the diet cycle. Women at this stage need more protein to help build muscle, more phytonutrients to counteract oxidation and inflammation, and a constant intake of nutrient-dense foods to regulate blood sugar and support mood. It's not about excluding foods, but the proper inclusion of them, so your body can get nourished and function at its best.  


After the age of 40, women will experience changes in their bodies due to aging and hormonal fluctuations. Some of these changes occur in relation to increased fat storage (mostly around the abdominal area), decreased overall muscle mass and strength, and a progressive decrease in bone density.

With the right types of exercise, you can optimize your time and effort for more effective activities to get you lean and strong compared to spending hours in the gym or doing cardio.

With an optimized movement routine you'll be amazed on how your body can be transformed.

Lifting Weights
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Many symptoms can be related to perimenopause and life stressors like lack of sleep, weight gain, low energy, etc. These can happen simultaneously and affect your overall quality of life tremendously.

In the FEMME Program, each symptom is treated uniquely on the premise that a single strategy likely works for more than one symptom, such as stress management working for anxiety and lack of sleep, since they are often interrelated. Except for clinical conditions, lifestyle changes can effectively manage most other symptoms. You will learn how to implement these changes in a practical, easy, and long-lasting way for long-term results. 

The final component of the FEMME method involves empowering your mind so you can have the right mindset and foundation to embark on this journey feeling confident and in control.

 You will learn how to attune yourself and identify triggers, emotional hurdles, and other obstacles created by your mind that prevent you from moving forward.

The FEMME program is based upon principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, self-compassion, growth mindset, and positive psychology.

Easy, quick exercises and resources were created to help busy women who have no time to waste but still prioritize emotional health.


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