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Fearless Femme©

Stop guessing.
Stop trying 1000 things.
Dive deep and discover the Fearless FEMME in you.

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Millions of women are currently transitioning into menopause without much guidance. Few health care practitioners are trained in assisting women who are going through this stage of life. There is a lack of information and plenty of disregard by society who revere youth and external beauty as a sign of success and health.

Many women find themselves constantly trying new products, new diets, and new solutions for their problems. This often leads to mental and physical burnout, followed by a sense of frustration and failure, which negatively affect their quality of life further.

The reason women are not getting results is that what works for other people (men and younger women) does NOT work for women at this life stage.

As we approach menopause, many hormones responsible for muscle synthesis, mood balance, fat distribution, and other metabolic regulations are unstable and unpredictable. These hormonal fluctuations are responsible for many of the symptoms experienced during perimenopause, along with the process of aging itself.

No wonder women are struggling.

It can be overwhelming, and you don't know what to do.

This is where I come in.

I will help you stride through this rocky road.

We will dig deep into the details of your unique story and, together, we'll develop an action plan that will transform your life from the inside, so it is reflected on the outside.  


Let me help you become the Fearless Femme

that you deserve to be.

Stop guessing.
Stop trying 1000 things.
Discover the FEMME in you.

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During menopause, many changes are happening in a woman's body. Metabolism slows down, muscle mass decreases, and weight gain is more common, especially around the abdominal area.

Unfortunately, many women resort to some form of caloric or food restriction diet to lose weight, which causes a further decline in metabolism, muscle mass, nutrient adequacy, and increased cravings, stress, and low self-esteem. 

I'm here to support women in getting out of the diet-cycle and frustrated attempts to manage their body composition. Women at this stage need more protein to help build muscle, more phytonutrients to counteract oxidation and inflammation, and constant intake of nutrient-dense foods to regulate blood sugar and support mood. It's not about the exclusion of foods, but the proper inclusion of them.

Together, we will go into all the details about your nutritional habits so that you can implement a step-by-step plan and practical strategies to ensure that you're fueling your body and mind according to your unique needs.

Are you eating enough?

Fearless FEMME emerged from a personal need to understand and make sense of what was happening to me.

My life was upside down and I didn't know I was going through perimenopause...

Image by Becca Tapert

Fearless FEMME emerged from a personal need to understand and make sense of what was happening to me.

My life was upside down and I didn't know I was going through perimenopause...

Image by Becca Tapert

Fearless FEMME emerged from a personal need to understand and make sense of what was happening to me.

My life was upside down and I didn't know I was going through perimenopause...

Image by Becca Tapert
Image by Becca Tapert


Identifying your unique symptoms is the first step to thrive through this uncertain period around menopause.

There are dozens of different symptoms that can occur during perimenopause, but the most common are lack of sleep, hot flashes, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, dry skin, mood swings, depression, irregular periods, and digestive issues.

Although every woman is different and symptoms many times don't appear at once, keeping track of them will enable you to take action.

You can take this test to find out if you're experiencing perimenopausal symptoms

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Exercise and movement have a crucial role in perimenopausal women’s health. After the age of 40, women will experience many changes in their bodies due to aging and hormonal fluctuations. Some of these changes occur in relation to increased fat storage in the abdominal area (which can increase the risk for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease), decreased overall muscle mass and strength, and a progressive decrease in bone density, leading to osteoporosis.

The movement component of the FEMME program is designed for women who are facing these changes. It includes strength and functional training to promote muscle and bone strength. It also includes other movements and activities that promote joint and cardiovascular health.

Download a blank planner so you can incorporate more movement into your life.


Lifting Weights
Close up of calm senior woman lying on side sleeping peacefully in comfortable bed soft pi

The symptoms leading to and sometimes following menopause are different for each woman. Some experience mild symptoms, while others struggle with debilitating ones.

After identifying your unique symptoms comes the planning of specific strategies to manage them.  Lack of sleep, weight gain, lack of motivation, and mood swings can be happening simultaneously and affect your quality of life immensely.

In the FEMME Program, each symptom is treated uniquely. A single strategy likely works for more than one symptom, such as stress management working for anxiety, since they are often interrelated.


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The final component of the FEMME method involves empowering your mind so you can have the right mindset and foundation to embark on this journey and specific strategies for you to work on during the entire process.

 You will learn how to attune with yourself and identify triggers, emotional hurdles and other obstacles created by your mind that prevent you from moving forward or quietly restrain you from flourishing.

The FEMME program is based upon principles of mindfulness, self-compassion, growth mindset, wholehearted living and positive psychology to equip you to confront your  worst enemy: yourself.


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