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I'm Anna Araujo

I've been a nutritionist for almost three decades, helping thousands live healthier lives. My love for what I do has intensified in the last decade because it got personal: I had to go through perimenopause myself and experience some of its physical and mental challenges.

As the years went by, I redirected my personal and professional goals to learning as much as possible about this enigmatic stage of a woman's life. I truly believe it represents a unique opportunity to focus on our health and care for ourselves because it is a determining setting stone for what the other half of our lives can be or become regarding health in all its glory and priceless worth.

Perimenopause can be more than a mere transition into menopause: it can represent a new and better chapter of our lives.

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Master of Science Degree in Human Nutrition. Michigan State University

Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutritional Sciences. Michigan State University

Certified Menopause Practitioner by the International Menopause Society, IMS

Certified Sports Nutritionist by the American Sports & Fitness Association

Specialized in Menopause Health and Fitness by Dr. Carla Digirolamo

Member of the North American Menopause Society, NAMS

Member of the International Menopause Society, IMS

Member of the American Society for Nutrition 

Member of the American College of Nutrition 

Member of the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior


Nutrition Faculty Position 

Clinical Nutrition and Consulting 

Restaurant Technical Advisor

Sports Club Nutritionist

Health and Wellness Training, Seminars, Workshops

Hospital Internship


Books: Longevity and Quality of Life and The Dimensions of Life

Research articles and journal publications

Featured on: ABC News, Telemundo, SD Voyage Magazine, Podcasts 

You Tube Channel : Fearless Femme by Anna Araujo 

My Mission

My mission is to guide women in their transition to menopause and make sure they are living their fullest potential regarding their health and well-being.

My mission is to be a safe and trustworthy destination where they can come to in the midst of misinformation and confusion.

My mission is to be an inspiration so women can uncover and rediscover their own hidden resilience, power, and badassness to become more than they thought possible.

My mission is to awaken that part of you who got shoved away by so many different things at this point of life.

It's all in there and I believe in you.


I was born in Brazil but moved to different countries since my dad worked for the WHO. My dream was to attend college in the U.S., and I chose to go to Michigan State University because I loved its history and beautiful campus and had relatives living nearby.

I was a pre-med student, but after taking a Nutrition 150 class, I decided to pursue Nutritional Sciences instead. I returned years later for a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition.

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Despite being very knowledgeable about nutrition, I had a negative relationship with my body and food. It wasn't until I decided to focus on my decaying health that I was able to roll my sleeves and focus on my lifestyle and well-being. I hit another wall in my early 40s with perimenopause, when I had to change gears to ensure I was getting the proper nutrition, focusing on the right exercise, and caring for my emotional and mental health in order to manage my symptoms.

I remarried at the age of 49 to a wonderful man I met on a dating app (I know, right?!), and we have a big family together (two daughters each, so there's never a dull moment). We live in sunny San Diego County, where we enjoy the beautiful beaches, picking avocados and limes from our backyard trees, going for hikes and bike rides, snuggling to watch a movie, and laughing at our cats' shenanigans. I'm always busy with kids, cooking, and work, but I try to find "me" time at least once daily to keep my sanity! :) 

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