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Ready To Feel Your Best No Matter What Your Hormones Are Doing?


What is happening?

You're over 40. You're tired of trying diets and new exercise routines. Both leave you feeling physically - and mentally - exhausted.

Despite all your efforts and hard work, you don't feel like you've succeeded. Something is off, and your body is not responding like it used to.

Perimenopause or menopause is hitting you hard. You don't feel like yourself. You feel lost but you know you need to do something about it.

You want to get your nutrition, exercise and mindset in the right place so you can feel better no matter what your hormones are doing!

You're in the right place!

I'm here to help you become
Lean & Strong
(body & mind)!
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 I joined the 6-Week Lean & Strong Challenge because Anna's program offered everything in one package: exercise videos, nutrition, coaching calls, and a plethora of information about all things menopause. And although it was a group setting, it felt like one-on-one consulting which was huge for me. Additionally, it felt good to know that I wasn't alone in my struggles with navigating menopause and the many stressors that come with womanhood.

When I started Lean & Strong my weight consistently hovered around 135lbs even with exercise and "eating right". At the end of the 6 weeks with Anna, following her nutrition prescription, advice on exercising, active recovery plan, and recommended supplements, I'm at 129lbs! I've dropped several inches around my waist as well which was my biggest problem. In addition to the physical gains, I also learned that I need to be patient with my body, and it'll get there with consistency and proper nutrition which BTW does not mean restricting yourself from the foods you love. I got to eat DARK CHOCOLATE and still lost weight!!!!!! Huge win for me! The best thing that happened during the challenge was I got to experience a vast variety of different recipes and meal options!  Don't wait! Sign up NOW! It's the best, most informative platform about menopause and all of its phases, the best exercises for women of our distinction, knowledge-based recommendations from a certified nutritionist you can trust, and you'll get to eat chocolate! Anna is a God send!

Margaret G.

Lean & Strong After 40
6-Week Challenge


What you will get:

Your Nutrition Dialed in 


A completely Personalized Meal Plan that is flexible and includes YOUR food preferences or avoidances. Each meal plan is calculated with all the correct numbers for you, so you can achieve your goals and not worry about the nutrition piece! And if, for some reason, you don't want a meal plan, I've got flexible plans and other eating strategies that fit your needs.

Move your Body and Get Strong 

Recorded Full-body Workout Classes and Live Strength Training Classes, PLUS a customized workout calendar to include all the needed activities without figuring out what to do.

Measurements (or not)


A Body Composition check-in so you get all the important numbers, including % body fat and % muscle mass. This is an optional component and is not needed for those focusing on health parameters only. 

Learn and Get Informed


Dozens of videos and resources about Nutrition, Supplements, Hormone Health and Fitness, so you learn at your own pace about what's essential for your health at this phase of life.

Share, Ask and Let's Dive in!


6 weeks of live coaching with me, where I'll guide you, challenge you and give you the tools you need so you can move towards your goals and achieve them! I'll also provide unlimited support by email and in our community group throughout the entire time.

Weekly Check-in With Me


Every Friday, I'll check in with you to know how your week went and ensure you have the next week all planned out and ready to go! This is an essential component of the program to get more personalized coaching from me and ensure you're on track. Everyone loves the accountability it brings!



Private community group on Facebook so we can exchange support, thoughts, questions, ideas, and wins during our journey together!

Total Cost: Only $297!

Success Stories.png

Jamie Armstrong

I followed Anna on Instagram before joining her program and her posts were geared toward my current stage of life (perimenopause). My struggles were not knowing what I needed at this point of life to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

There most important results I got from this group program were:

  1. Experiencing satiety in healthy food choices, resulting in feeling better physically and mentally.

  2. My mindset and decision to actually DO what is suggested (and good for me).

  3. Developing a weekly habit of exercise that incorporates cardio and strength training that works for me.

This program helped me to be more informed about my needs in this stage of life while providing lots of information having to do with my physical body, nutrition, and hormones. I also loved having accountability throughout the process.

It's a program promoting holistic health, providing a foundation to be your healthiest self in your 40's and in the stages of life. Thanks Anna!

Screenshot 2023-05-10 120816_edited.jpg

Michelle Chandler

Before this program, I was feeling down, stuck in a rut and needing guidance on nutrition.

I’m over 40 so learning about perimenopause and how best to fuel my body and how best to exercise and be able to talk to women in the same place was what attracted me to the program.

At first, I hesitated about if this really was going to work, how would it be different to other things I had looked at or tried.

And before joining, I was expecting to just lose weight, but I got a lot more from it than just losing weight. I learnt about myself. The eating plan was great as it helped me understand how to put things together or swap something if I didn’t like something. How to get protein into my day. I feel a lot better in myself and more motivated to look after myself both with diet, fitness and more importantly my own wellness.

 Anna gives you lots of information to read through as-well as being there for you to understand anything that may not make sense. I wasn’t sure how the program would go but got a lot more out of it than I expected.

ana escobedo1_edited.jpg

Anna Escobedo

I struggled to balance my stress level, hence leading to mindless eating to cope with the stress. I needed structured meal plan to keep me on track. I also needed to improve my health by eating cleaner.

I gained energy and lost 3 percent body fat. Love having a flatter tummy.

This program taught me that despite a hectic schedule, I can still eat good, healthy food and add workout sessions throughout the week.

 Anna’s program is more than just a diet. It is a life changing experience.

I highly recommend Anna to anyone who is looking to improve their health.

alyson D._edited.jpg

Alyson D.

I'd been counting macros for years prior to working with Anna and had had great success for quite a few years doing so. I felt like overall I ate healthy, but was aware as I've reached 40, 'dropping calories' or adjusting macros slightly just wasn't working anymore.

Following the meal plan, I physically I noticed my bloating and swollen-like stomach decreased quickly. My energy levels were much more consistent and I was no longer sluggish mid afternoon(s).

I appreciated the weekly calls, and the takeaways as we all shared how we felt the weekly lessons were applicable, how they made sense or 'fit' into our lives.

Coming from a world where you've tracked macros, and suddenly see your body no longer wanting to participate, this is a great program for you. Learning more about the perimenopause process to be prepared, and really listen to and give our body's more of what is needed for the changes.

I appreciated that much of this program was about self care, understanding what our body's are going through, and how to give our body's more of what is needed for this chapter of our lives. Applying much of what we previously knew, and combining that with what Anna shared to help our bodies with the ability to change, while removing the extra stresses on our systems. Anna is a wealth of knowledge and super supportive. I appreciated the end of week check-ins.

I started working with Anna in late 2022 as I was struggling with nutrition,weight gain and energy since entering perimenopause. Initially I workedwith her one a 1-1 basis and then in a group setting. She is highlyknowledgeable, extremely professional and a very empathetic human beingwhich makes working with her such a pleasure. Anna was at all timespatient and encouraging even when my progress was slow. Working withher has made such a difference to how I approach nutrition and my overallhealth. The video content on her client platform is so informative coveringeverything from hormones, to exercise, nutrition, and supplements. The
group check-ins are a great opportunity for further learning as the questionsand discussion generated by the group is diverse. From the meal plans and recipes, I learnt so much about how to easily increase the variety and quality of my nutrition. I was pleasantly surprised that the recipes were simple to recreate and didn’t contain elusive ingredients. I now feel more confident creating meals of my own that are tasty and nutritious for my needs as peri-menopause woman. I would highly recommend Anna as a nutrition coach.

Noirin Flynn, 48.

Success Stories.png
IMG_7420 (4)_edited.jpg
I have been a healthy, active, and fit person my entire life. But when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the early start of menopause I felt lost, concerned and stressed. I’m glad I reached out to Anna and her group program was just starting. The best thing that happened to me as a result of joining this program was learning how nutrition, exercise, and mental health work together for a healthier body. I learned about macro and micronutrients; how weight is not the most valuable information for a healthy body; the important connections of our body's needs in regards to vitamins and supplements; the matter of a well-balanced meal; and more. I believe in equilibrium for our body and I understood how exercises with proper nutrition can facilitate a strong body. I reinforced the truth that our mind commands our body; therefore, a healthy mindset and tangible goals are extremely important for our wellbeing. Sharing that with others felt great. It was a very rewarding experience and I felt confident in incorporating life habits for good.

Andrea M., 49

Success Stories.png

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