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Basal Metabolic Rate
Total Daily Energy Expenditure

Your BMR is a calculation that estimates the minimum caloric need in order to survive. 

Your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) 

estimates the energy (measured in calories) you need daily based on your activity level.

Calculating TDEE can help you have an idea of how many calories you need for optimal health.

This is a 2-step process.

STEP 1:  Get your BMR

Attention:  This number should be in the 1000's. If the calculator gives you a number in the 100's, try changing either the weight or age by 1.

STEP 2: Get Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE)

Sedentary: No physical activity, sit at desk kind of job

Lightly Active: Moderate exercise, at least 20 mins 1-3 times per week, or daily active job (nurse, construction worker)

Moderately Active: Moderate exercise, at least 30 to 60 minutes 3-4 times per week

Very Active: Moderate to high intensity exercises, 60+ minutes, 5-7 days per week

Extremely Active: High intensity training most days or more than 1 exercise a day, 6-7 per week

How Active Are you?

Sedentary =  1.21

Lightly active = 1.38

Moderately active =  1.55

Very active =  1.73

Extra active = 1.91

Activity Level Score

NOTE: You should consult a licensed nutritionist or dietitian to ensure you're getting the proper macro and micronutrients you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

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