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Welcome to the Tutorial Videos for your EatLove App

I'm so glad you're embarking on the journey of meal planning. I know it gets overwhelming, especially if you have never done it before.

But once you get over the "learning phase" hump, you will reap the benefits that EatLove Meal Planning can offer.

I suggest watching the video chronologically, but it's fine if you prefer to jump ahead of the line!

What's important is to give yourself some time to learn to use the platform and get used to it.

Happy learning!

What makes this meal plan different

The BEST thing about this plan:
it is 100% personalized to YOUR reality.

1. Adjusts to different levels of cooking: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

2. Considers food avoidances or restrictions.

3. Can be planned for individuals or the entire family by meal (ex: only dinners).

4. Offers the ability to "swap" foods, meals, or recipes that you don't like while maintaining the same nutrition prescription.

5. Offers preference options for different ethnic cuisines (ex. Mediterranean).

6. You can add your own favorite recipes.

7. Offers complete nutritional information for every meal, with daily or weekly reports.

8. You can choose how many days you want the plan, from 2 to 7 days per week.

9. Offers a variety of prescribed diets such as anti-inflammatory, muscle gain, weight loss, vegetarian, etc.

10. You can repeat meals, batch cook for leftovers, or add new recipes daily - your choice.

Video Tutorials

1. Navigating the EatLove App

Discover how to navigate EatLove and master some of the key actions on our platform.

2. Scheduling & Rescheduling Meal Plans

Learn how to schedule and reschedule meal plans from your dietitian.

3. Automatic Meal Plan Generation

See how EatLove automatically generates meals that fit your nutrition prescription.

4. Editing Your Meal Plan

Learn how to edit meal plans from your dietitian to tailor it to your food preferences.

5. Batch Cooking & Serving Size

Understand how to increase the servings of a dish through batch cooking or serving sizes.

6. Recipe Overview

Review an EatLove recipe, including the ingredients, instructions, portions, and nutritional info.

7. Adding Your Own Recipes

Learn how to add your own recipe to the EatLove platform

8. Favorites & Collections

Find out how you can store all of your go-to recipes in a single spot for added convenience.

9. Groceries

Master your meal plans and the grocery store with this grocery function.

10. Daily Log Overview

Review our Daily Log and unleash the benefits of food tracking.

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