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This Summer...
Take some time to take care of yourself.

Are you tired of feeling tired? Of not feeling yourself? Of not feeling comfortable in your own skin? Of not feeling 100%?

Did you start the year strong, but got caught up in "life"?

Are you finally ready to change the narrative? To prioritize your own health? To give yourself what you deserve?

Imagine a brighter future.

Where you feel energetic and dynamic.

You feel good in your skin, and confident about your body.

You are sleeping better, eating better, and feeling strong about your workouts.

You have a purpose and meaning.

Your mood is better and everyone around you is benefiting. 

You are stronger on the inside and outside.

You are enjoying being your own age because of all the things you have accomplished.

You realize that being your age is actually a wonderful thing.

Join the 2022
Fearless FEMME 
Group Coaching Program

SUMMER Edition

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Meet Anna

If you don't know me, I've dedicated over 25 years of my career as a nutritionist to helping women improve their quality of life.

 After many years of experience, I've learned that women need more than just a meal plan and practical strategies to achieve true heath.

Women need to identify their own needs and develop their own ways to support the integration of the 3 main pillars of health:

 Nutrition, Movement, and Mind. 

I now focus on helping women over 40, who are struggling with many aspects of health, both physical and mental and, many times on top of that, perimenopausal symptoms.

That's why I've developed the Fearless Femme Method, a multidimensional approach integrating the intricate needs of women during this important stage of life.

This Summer edition of my traditional Group Program will be a great opportunity for any woman who wants the information, resources and support from me without enrolling in my top tier 1-1 coaching program.

This is an unique opportunity that I offer for this Summer only and will restrict it to only 5 special ladies who are committed to take control over their own health.

I can't wait to meet you all!

nut r i t i (1).png

2022 Fearless FEMME
Group Coaching Program
SUMMER Edition


Knowledge is Power

Using an intuitive and cutting-edge learning platform you'll have access to dozens of lessons, videos, and downloads that will cover various topics related to health so you can gain knowledge based on the latest research and important topics that women over 40 should know about and it's just too confusing to google it. From "skin health" to "hormones" to "Eating for your age", you'll know the why's, what's, and how's to achieve Total Health. 


Commitment to Yourself

This is an opportunity to commit yourself to yourself. It's time to put YOU up as a priority. You got to a point in your life where you're not taking any B.S. and you know that another diet plan won't cut it. You know it's time to tackle your health in a more systemic and integrated way. You are ready to dedicate the time and care you need. The best gift you can give yourself is to take care of yourself.


Expert Support 

I will offer support all the way. This is an unique opportunity to get a 1-1 coaching experience with me for the price of a group coaching program. And the best part is that you will schedule 6 coaching sessions at your convenience. A calendar from June 15th to August 31st will allow you to schedule whenever you prefer during that time. 

Since I will be travelling with my family, that works for me as well! :)

The Program (Updated for Summer)

  • 6 1-hour live group coaching session to answer questions, get connected, feel supported, and discuss topics regarding the week's module - You will be able to schedule YOUR OWN coaching sessions (6 total, 30-45 minutes each)

  • 6 modules with lessons, videos, exercise routines, and downloadable material to support your learning

  • A Fearless Femme Equipped for Menopause Workbook that will be used along with some of the lessons

  • Different options of tracking material that can be used according to your needs (sleep tracker, period tracker, exercise planner, etc)

  • Meal Planning options (online, PDF, or just general guidance) according to your needs

  • 12 workout videos (full body workout) with trainer Manu Kelbaugh to get you moving and improve functionality, muscle, and bone strength

  • Bonus: Recipes, Guidelines for the Weekend and extra materials and resources that I offer to my 1-1 coaching clients!

  • Bonus: workshop videos including Dr. Carla DiGirolamo's "Hormones & You" and other experts in the area of exercise and psychology.

  • Bonus: 15% off professional grade supplements from my online store supplier.

  • Bonus: Lifetime access to library!


2022 Fearless FEMME
Group Coaching Program
SUMMER Edition

Writing on a Notebook

Week 1 

Face Your Challenges : Identifying your unique symptoms and setting goals

The first step is to learn about and identify your unique symptoms and create an action plan to improve your health and well-being that will be your guide for the course of the program.


Fearless Femme Workbook, video lessons, symptoms trackers and planners

Woman Baking

Week 2

Eat Enough: All about Nutrition after 40

You will learn about nutrition at this stage of life and beyond. From specific nutrients and supplements to emotional eating and a series of videos on crucial skills for long lasting weight management without dieting.

Colorful Food

Fearless Femme Workbook

Video Lessons, Meal Planning resources, Recipe E-book

Quick Lift

Week 3

Movement:  Optimizing activities for the female body beyond 40's

12 workout programs for women over 40 to improve muscle mass, bone density, and body fat. Other types of movements such as yoga and stretching are included.

Image by Boxed Water Is Better

Video lessons, Workout Planner with exercise and movement videos


Week 4

Manage Your Unique Symptoms: taking control 

Stress, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, hot flashes, dry skin, weight gain, and the list goes on. We will cover the main symptoms of perimenopause and discuss the strategies that can improve your symptoms in a natural and simple way. 

Woman Sleeping

Video Lessons, resources

App, Journal and trackers

Relaxing on Hammock

Week 5

Empower Your Mind: Become a Fearless Femme

Mindset is everything. We will discuss how to overcome your mental barriers and negative self-beliefs through specific strategies towards emotional wellbeing and personal growth. How to develop positive mental habits for the long run.


Video lessons, Journal, Self-care plan, Meditation App

Smiling Middle Aged Woman

Week 6

Becoming a Fearless Femme: Lessons learned

You are now empowered with specific tools and skills to support your health both physically and mentally.  In this last week, we will cover the final questions and come together as a group to discuss accomplishments and future plans and goals.

Happy Mature Woman

Fearless Femme Workbook

All the resources 

If you're tired of trying new diets, unmotivated to exercise, feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed out?

 Are thinking about Summer but not feeling confident or motivated?

Are you really going to give up on yourself and let yourself go this Summer?

Do you feel like you don't even know where to start?



Do you want to learn from an experienced and qualified professional who can relate to what you're going through and know what you need to do to overcome it?

Do you want to improve your health in more than one way (not just your body, but your mind as well)?

Are you ready for a holistic approach that will encourage you to get your priorities straight that will actually become a lifetime transformation?

Plus, these Bonuses!


($127 VALUE)

You'll get access to at least one expert webinar talking about different topics of perimenopause and health

BONUS: 6 Coaching sessions that YOU    decide when! ($750 value)

This unique bonus is not  part of the usual group programs. You will have the flexibility to decide when to meet!


E-Recipe Book + Guide for a Healthy Weekend andFlexible Meal Plan ($45 value)

These are PDF Files that will be added to the Eat Enough Nourishing Foods Module

What women are saying...

I loved the group program with Anna. I learned so much about nutrition, exercise and how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into daily life. It's realistic and I was able to implement everything easily. I feel so energetic and lost 5 pounds without trying too hard!

Cindy W.

Frquently Asked Questions

What if I'm not sure if this Group Coaching Program is right for me?

I highly recommend you find out more about the program by simply scheduling a free 15-minute call with me. You can then ask me any questions you have and see if this program is a good fit for your needs. I know it can be a bit intimidating to book a call, but I promise I'm very laid back and friendly and I would love to get to talk to you, no strings attached! I wouldn't want you to register for this coaching program unless you're 100% sure it is something you want! :)

What is expected from me in this group coaching program?

This will be a different kind of group program. For this Summer edition, we won't have the fixed dates for group sessions, so you'll be able to schedule your own coaching sessions with me. This will give both you and I the flexibility while enjoying our summer activities. However, I expect that you go through the lessons and the materials offered and do, as much as possible, so we can have a concrete topic to discuss in our sessions.

What's the cost and do you take payment plans?

The cost for the Summer Edition Program is only $350. This total can be divided in two payments of $175. If you have any further questions, contact me directly at and I'll be glad to answer!

Do you offer a refund?

I am so confident you will love this program that yes, I offer total refund. I will ask you, though, to try the entire program first and if you're still not satisfied, I'll refund any payment made. I want you to be completely satisfied with the program, but by signing the program agreement you understand that you will need to commit until the end of the program to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to improve your health. If there are other circumstances that prevent you from attending the live meetings you will have the ability to watch the recordings and have full access to the lessons and all the materials at any time. 

2021-06-23 07.44_edited.jpg

Here's a recap of everything you'll get

  • 6 1-hour live group sessions led by me (days/times TBD)          SIX coaching sessions with me (30-45 mins each) at your convenience (you will schedule the sessions yourself) to ensure your applying the concepts learned into your real, daily life

  • A learning platform with access to videos, lessons and materials that you can access at your own pace and time

  • Bonus materials (webinars, videos, guest speakers) for a deep dive into important topics surrounding women's health 

  • Dozens of resources (PDF's, e-books, workbooks, guidelines, etc)

  • 12 full-body workout videos (full-body strength training program specific for women over 40 who want to build strength) that you can do at home

  • Weight Management Series that include all the resources you'll need to manage your weight in a healthy, sustainable way

  • The tools and support you need to improve your quality of life and health in more than one way!

Register Now! 

Thanks for registering!  We will e-mail you soon with further details.
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