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Healthy Eating for Perimenopausal Women

Ready to feel your best during perimenopause while saving time and money with a customized, delicious, nutritious meal plan prescribed by me that meets all your

unique needs and health goals? 

The benefits of our Meal Planning System 

Improve your Health & Symptoms

Having a nutritionally balanced meal plan geared specifically to perimenopause women (with higher levels of protein, calcium, magnesium, omega-3's, and other nutrients) helps improve overall well-being and symptoms associated with perimenopause, such as weight gain, anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems, mood swings, and potentially others.  

Saves Time

Most of the time spent cooking a homemade meal is not on the cooking itself. It comes from thinking about what to cook, making the grocery list, and shopping for items. Having a meal plan prepared for you and a grocery list will cut your time more than half. Plus, you don't waste time figuring out what to eat!

Reduce Food Waste

With your meal plan set up, you can go to the grocery store with a specific grocery list and then you will know how to use all of the items on that list. When every food has a purpose, you won’t have to worry about the foods in your fridge going to waste. Food wasted represents money wasted and no one wants that.

Helps w/ Body Composition Goals

Having a personalized meal plan is the best and healthiest way to achieve your goals, whether it's to gain muscle mass or lose body fat, or both. And most importantly, your health is prioritized along the way since nutrients will be carefully calculated and planned into each of your meals. This is extremely important during perimenopause.

Add More Variety

Having your meals planned out increases the variety and diversity of foods and ingredients you otherwise wouldn't use. How many meals are on repeat in your kitchen? Our meal planning program can repeat meals or not, but it will get your out of a "dinner rut" if you are constantly cooking the same dishes. More variety also means more nutrients that can nourish our bodies at this phase of life.

Saves Money

With your personalized meal plan, you’ll know what you’ll be cooking ahead of time and already have your grocery list ready to go. You will cook healthy meals at home instead of getting takeout or eating at restaurants, which can be much more expensive. It also allows for leftovers which save both time and money!

Reduce Stress

Knowing what you will cook or have (if leftover) for dinner is peace of mind. We all have been on the other side of that, which is very stressful. In fact, your entire week is planned out with this meal plan and you are assured that what you (and your family) are eating is healthy, nutritious, and good for your body and soul. 

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

The uttermost benefit of meal planning is to incorporate healthy eating as a sustainable and healthy lifestyle habit that can have a positive lifelong effect. This is especially important when raising a family and role-modeling the concept of healthy homemade meals as a lifestyle. Everyone will benefit from homemade cooking meals there is absolutely no doubt about it!

Ready to get your nutrition dialed in?

Experience the ultimate convenience of weekly personalized meal plans, providing delicious and nutritious options specifically designed to improve the health of perimenopause women. Start your free 30-day trial today and gain access to your customized meal plan, with healthy, delicious, easy recipes, and better yet:  all the numbers calculated according to your specific goals! 

What makes this meal plan different

The BEST thing about this plan:
it is 100% personalized to YOUR reality.

Other features:

1. Adjusts to different levels of cooking: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

2. Considers food avoidances or restrictions.

3. Can be planned for individuals or the entire family by meal (ex: only dinners).

4. Offers the ability to "swap" foods, meals, or recipes that you don't like while maintaining the same nutrition prescription.

5. Offers preference options for different ethnic cuisines (ex. Mediterranean).

6. You can add your own favorite recipes.

7. Offers complete nutritional information for every meal, with daily or weekly reports.

8. You can choose how many days you want the plan, from 2 to 7 days per week.

9. Offers a variety of prescribed diets such as anti-inflammatory, muscle gain, weight loss, vegetarian, etc.

10. You can repeat meals, batch cook for leftovers, or add new recipes daily - your choice.

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"I've been using the EatLove app religiously and absolutely love it! It's the simplicity for me. It takes all the guesswork out of it and I don't have to wonder if I'm getting enough calories or too many for that matter. And, it's meals that I would have never figured I could have while trying to lose weight."

What our clients say

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