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Customized Meal Planning

Meal Planning is great...but...


  • You don't want to spend too much time searching the web for recipes

  • You don't know how much protein, fats and carbs you need to get in the day

  • You get overwhelmed or confused about how to plan each week 


I've got you covered!

Each weekly meal plan...

  • Contains wholesome foods and is completely balanced according to your lifestyle needs,

  • Is customized to fit your eating preferences, including vegetarian, gluten-free, low carb, "flexatarian" and so on, 

  • Is customized for you or your whole family with easy, hearty, and healthy recipes and options for leftovers,

  • Includes healthy meals and recipes from a large database created by registered dietitians,

  • Comes with a complete grocery list to make shopping easier and more efficient,

  • Comes with a free app that you can use anywhere with the convenience of having everything on your phone.

*This service is available for past clients only, who are knowledgeable about nutrition and just need to continue their maintenance plan.

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