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Women thrive when they join forces.

The Fearless Femme Group Program has been created to guide women who are struggling with symptoms of perimenopause and aging, but are fearless to take a step towards improving their health and quality of life.

Fearless Femme Group Program

Fearless Femme Workbook

Video, Planners

Week 1

Face Your Challenges : Introduction to the Fearless Femme Method

We will dive deep into the Fearless Femme Workbook to identify your unique symptoms and create an action plan to improve your health and wellbeing.


Fearless Femme Workbook

Video, Planners

Week 2

Eat Enough: All about Nutrition after 40

We will discuss the resources sent and learn about nutrition just before midlife and beyond. Specific nutrients, supplements and foods as well as practical tools to implement the knowledge into your daily lives.

Colorful Food

Fearless Femme Workbook

Video, Meal Planning App

Week 3

Movement Optimization for Women over 40

We will talk about the essential types of exercise and movement for women over 40 who are struggling with decreased muscle mass, decreased metabolism, lower bone density, and increased body fat.

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Fearless Femme Workbook

Workout Planner with exercise videos

Week 4

Manage your Unique Symptoms

Stress, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, hot flashes, dry skin, low libido and the list goes on. We will cover them all and discuss the strategies that can improve your symptoms in a natural and simple way. 

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Fearless Femme Workbook

Video, App, Journal

Week 5

Empower your Mind to Become a Fearless Femme

Mindset is everything. We will discuss how to overcome your mental barriers and negative self-beliefs through specific strategies towards emotional wellbeing and personal growth.


Fearless Femme Workbook

Video, Journal, Self-care Plan

Week 6

Becoming a Fearless Femme

You are now empowered with specific tools and skills to support your health and lifestyle. We will go over the program and any questions and achievements made during this time together.

Happy Mature Woman

Fearless Femme Workbook

All the resources 

Next group: January 15th, 2022

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I loved the group program with Anna. I learned so much about nutrition, exercise and how to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into daily life. It's realistic and I was able to implement everything easily. I felt so energetic and lost 5 pounds without trying too hard!

Cindy W.