Weight Management

A number on a scale says nothing about your health. 

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Some facts about weight management

  • There's no ideal weight, there is HEALTHY weight

  • What matters is the QUALITY of the weight loss, not the QUANTITY

  • You can have a healthy BMI and still have high body fat

  • You can have a high BMI and have low body fat 

  • Metabolism is negatively affected by too much caloric restriction

  • Muscle weight is good weight

  • There are reasons why you reach a plateau and can't lose more weight

  • Each person has a unique body with individual needs


One thing is true for many people: it's not easy losing, gaining or maintaining weight.

On top of the psychological and social aspects like body image, emotional eating and unrealistic goals, there's a lot of misinformation about nutrition out there. It's hard to discern what's right, what's wrong, what's true and what's false. It shouldn't be hard, but it is.

I'm here to guide you through this haze. 

To start, I'm a member of several respected professional organizations and I'm glad to have access to the latest and best research studies in the field of nutrition as well as continuing education by attending national and regional nutrition conferences, seminars and workshops. I often listen to many great podcasts and read tons of books about nutrition and related topics - even those with whom I disagree.

I've seen all kinds of diet fads and magic pills. 

Nonetheless, my knowledge and experience come from the lessons of thousands of people who I have worked with and who have challenged me in adapting my theoretical knowledge to their unique needs, unique bodies and unique realities. 

No single individual is the same, therefore, no nutrition program should be.

Healthy Cooking

Traditional Nutrition Plan

  • Initial Consultation 

  • Complete Body Composition Assessment  

  • Individualized Weekly Menus   

  • Individualized Supplement Recommendation

  • Monthly Follow- up Consultations 

  • Weekly Communication 


Web Based Nutrition Plan

  • Initial Consultation 

  • Complete Body Composition Assessment  

  • Individualized Weekly Menus

  •  Individualized Supplement Recommendation 

  • Weekly Follow- up Consultations

  • Individual Web Dashboard and Personal App 

  • Individualized Lifestyle and Exercise Plan 

  • Metabolic Testing

  • Unlimited Body Composition Assessments