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Are you eating properly for perimenopause and menopause?

  • Women going through perimenopause have different nutritional needs because of their changing physiology 

  • Some of these changes have to do with a lower metabolism and hormonal fluctuations

  • Most women I see in my practice ARE NOT eating adequately for their needs

  • Most women are not getting enough protein, fiber and micronutrients like calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B-12, zinc, magnesium and others

  • Most women have a disproportion between their ingestion of carbs and fats in relation to protein intake.

Symptoms of nutritional deficiency or inadequacy

  • Fatigue, lack of energy or lack of motivation

  • Hair loss, brittle nails, dry skin

  • Weight gain, muscle loss

  • Brain fog, lack of focus

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Irritability, anxiety, depression, mood swings

Nutrition Audit 

Get your food intake analyzed and start improving its quality right away


How does the audit work?

  • You fill out a simple form with information about your food intake for 3 days

  • I'll analyze your micro and macro nutrient adequacy and will provide you with a complete report about your nutrition

  • I'll send you a 20-30-minute video audit explaining your results, what areas to improve and how to adjust your nutrients with specific foods according to your specific goals (weight loss, muscle gain, general balanced nutrition)

  • No Zoom meeting required!

  • PLUS, I'll deep dive and give you specific tips on what to do and how to eat so you can nail your nutrition targets and reach your goals!

Investment: $197*

Ready to Improve Your Nutrition?
Fill out the form below and let's get started!

Total Investment: $197


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Nutrition Audit Package

Fruits and Nuts

Luca S.

I have been working with Anna for over 2 years now. I can’t live without her! She plans the meals according to my goals and lifestyle. They are clear, easy to follow, the recipes are delicious and there are plenty of options so I don’t get bored eating the same thing over and over. I do road bike and long distance run races and my performance and energy levels got much better after I started seeing her. I’m in my late 40’s and feeling great and healthy, couldn’t be happier!


Chayito V.

I was struggling with a lack of energy and was diagnosed with thyroid problems. I could put myself to perform well even during my trainings. My coach referred me to Anna who worked with me for over 1 year. We went deep into including the nutrients I needed for my lifestyle. With her help, I finished the Boston Marathon with my best time ever. I feel better now, after age fifty, than I felt in my twenties!


Anya C.

I worked with Anna for 6 months and I went from feeling tired and honestly miserable to feeling energetic and excited about working out and life in general. What a difference some changes in nutrition and exercise makes! I thought I was eating right, for I have been active all my life, but after menopause I just couldn't feel great anymore and I felt like I was slowly declining on my physical performance. I gained that back and more with Anna!

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